The story behind ÉVIE

ÉVIE is founded by two women, who have a lifelong passion for luxury bags and extensive background within the fashion industry.

For many years we have found it very difficult to find affordable luxury handbags in simple designs, high quality in real leather with good quality hardware details.

We were looking for small and medium bags without dividers and were in need of stylish shoppers/work bags with good functionalities – handles that can cope with multiple items without breaking and are wide enough for computers, for example.

Most high quality bag brands on the market are +2500 Euro, which is out of most peoples price range. Lower priced bags are generally made from low quality materials, which do not last or they break easily. We were unable to find any bags that reflected our minimalistic style as well, as too many were heavy logoed or with too many details.

Seeing a gap in the market we created ÉVIE. We wanted to create a brand in high quality with 100% real leather, in timeless chic designs, in seasonal colours at affordable prices.

The name ÉVIE means “life” and is a combination of Latin, Hebrew and Norman origin. 

Our life is in our bag and bags should be beautiful and smart, long lasting and practical with good functionality, so it is easy to wear the whole day.

ÉVIE is an understated luxury bag brand that does not compromise the quality and the price.

This is ÉVIE.


Katrine & Christina