The story behind ÉVIE

The journey of ÉVIE started with a simple desire: to discover classic high-quality bags suitable for daily use. I needed alternatives of the same quality as high-end luxury brands, unwilling to compromise but at a more affordable price.

I needed small and medium-sized bags without dividers, with enough space for my daily essentials, items like a wallet, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, or a small umbrella.

I also needed a strong and stylish tote/shopper bag, which I could use as a work bag – a bag that was big enough to fit my large- and heavy laptop, and it needed to have strong handles to cope with the weight!

Most high-end luxury brands price their bags well above 2000 euros, which for most people is a high price for a bag and an everyday luxury piece. Unfortunately, I feel more affordable alternatives often compromise on both quality and design, are heavily logoed, and utilize materials like cheaper leather, plastic, or lightweight and shiny hardware.

It seemed difficult to find exactly what I needed, and my pursuit of luxurious handbags, that were reasonably priced proved challenging.

Seeing this market gap and with my passion for handbags, ÉVIE was established with a clear mission: to create a brand offering products of the same quality as the high-end luxury brands, crafted entirely in the finest leather, using heavy top-quality hardware, in timeless chic designs in seasonal colors – all at accessible prices.

The name ÉVIE means "life," “living” and “lively” and aligns with the brand's philosophy that a bag is a daily companion and reflects personal style. ÉVIE bags are classic luxury pieces that are both practical and functional for our life and everyday use.

ÉVIE is a quiet luxury bag brand committed to prioritizing quality and accessible prices without compromise.

This is ÉVIE.



Founder of ÉVIE