The story behind ÉVIE

The journey of ÉVIE began with a simple desire: to find affordable, quiet luxury bags in the same high-quality materials as expensive, high-end brands.

For years, the search for affordable luxury handbags in simple designs, high-quality real leather, and excellent hardware details proved challenging. It was difficult to find small and medium-sized bags without dividers and stylish shoppers/work bags with practical functionalities, where some of the specific needs include handles that can cope with multiple items without breaking and being wide enough for a laptop.

Many high-quality bag brands on the market are priced at over 2000 Euro, which exceeds most people's price range. Lower-priced bags are often made from low-quality materials, which do not last or break easily. Minimalistic style is difficult to find, and many bags are excessively logoed or with too many details.

Seeing this gap in the market, ÉVIE was created, and the mission was clear: To create a brand that offers products in the same high-quality materials as the high-end brands, crafted from 100% real leather, in timeless chic designs and seasonal colors, all at accessible prices.

The name ÉVIE means “life” and is a combination of Latin, Hebrew, and Norman origin. A bag is with us every day, and it reflects our style. ÉVIE bags are classic luxury pieces that are both practical and functional for all-day wear.

ÉVIE is a quiet luxury bag brand that prioritizes quality and price without compromising.

This is ÉVIE.



Founder of ÉVIE