Product care

Please always handle your ÉVIE product with care and follow these simple caretaking tips to prolong the life of the products.



  • Do not carry extremely heavy items in the bag, as this may affect the shape of the bag.

  • Suede and leather products should always be kept out of direct sunlight to maximize lifespan.

  • Always store your ÉVIE product in its dust bag. Store it in a dark, dry, and cold place when you do not use it. Fill the bag with soft paper to help maintain its shape and absorb humidity.

  • Avoid getting perfume, hairspray, and other chemical products on your bag.

  • If the product gets wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth and dry it at normal room temperature. Do not use direct heat, such as a radiator, hairdryer, or similar – this will damage the product.



  • If the product needs to be cleaned, always take it to a place specializing in suede and leather cleaning.

  • ÉVIE products cannot be machine or hand-washed at any time.