Q&A about ÉVIE Ambassador program

  • How does the ÉVIE Ambassador program work?

ÉVIE would like to collaborate with our fellow handbag lovers and give you a cash reward on each sale you make. You don’t need to be a “professional influencer” – Every one can join our team, as long as you have an interest in fashion. (All handbags will be delivered in a dust bag wrapped in silk paper in a ÉVIE box)

You get 20% commission on all sales!

You can give your network up to 30% off with your personal discount code. (On non-discounted items)

Once you’re a part of ÉVIE Ambassador program you can earn as much as you desire – There is no limit on how many sales you can do.

You will get your own profile and access to a back office system, where you can track all your sales, see your discount code etc.

If you have sold a product your commission will be paid out every 2nd following month of the sale.


  • How can I apply to become a ÉVIE Ambassador?

If you want to become a ÉVIE Ambassador simply apply on our website or through this link https://eviestore.com/pages/sales-representative-sign-up-1.

You will need to confirm our Terms & Conditions.

Once you have applied we will go through your application as soon as possible.

If you’re approved you will receive an email from us. Follow the steps in the email to get access to your back office system.

Once you’re in the back office system you can see you already generated 30% code.


  • Who can become a ÉVIE Ambassador?

Every fashion and handbag-interested individual can join as Brand Ambassadors. You don’t need to be a “professional influencer” – Everyone can apply to our Brand Ambassador program, as long as you have an interest in fashion.

 You have to be 18 years of age or older to become a ÉVIE Ambassador.


  • How do I learn more about ÉVIE and the products?

Once you have signed up you will get an email with access to ÉVIE learning materials. Here you will learn all about our company, the products and the different materials.

ÉVIE hosts online meetings you can attend, where you can learn even more about the back office, the collections etc. Information emails will be sent to you as well as info about when the next online meeting is etc.


  • Can I use some of your picture material to promote the products?

Once you have become a ÉVIE Ambassador you are welcome to use the pictures from our Instagram account @evie.store.official or from a database we will share with you. We advise you to do your own content as well as we know the sales work better if your Network sees you wear the products instead of a random model in a picture. With you, they have a personal relationship or maybe they look up to you and your chic style.


  • How long will my ÉVIE Ambassador link work/ How long time can I be an Ambassador?

You can stay as ÉVIE Ambassador as long as you wish unless you haven’t followed our Terms & Conditions in the Ambassador Agreement contract. In that case, we can terminate your Ambassador contract immediately.  

If you want to leave our Ambassador program simply email us at contact@eviestore.com and we will close your Ambassador profile.


  • How do I renew as ÉVIE Ambassador?

You don’t need to renew your Ambassadorship, as it will continue as long as you wish unless you haven’t followed our Terms & Conditions in the Ambassador Agreement contract.


  • How can I find my back office and track my sales, generate discount codes etc.?

Once you have set up your profile with us you will receive an email from us where there is a link to the sign-in for your back office. Follow the steps in the email to get access to your back office system.

Once you’re in the back office system you can see an overview of your sales and earned commission etc.

Once you signed up you will see in the back office an automatically generated 30% code you can use for the promotion in your Network.

You can maximum give your network a 30% discount on the products.

If you wish to earn more money per sale and not offer your network 30% off the price, please let us know and we can adjust this in the system


  • How is my commission calculated?

Your commission is calculated per sold item.


1 product cost 649 euros without discount.

You offer your customer 30% off the price, then the customer will need to pay 454,30 euro for the product incl. VAT in EU. The prices are without VAT outside EU.

You will get 20% commission on the sale which in this case is 90,86 euros. Commissions are calculated based on the Discount Subtotal of each purchase (after any discount has been applied). You will not get commission on the shipping charges.


  • How do I get my commission paid out?

Once you have generated a sale you qualify for a payout. The commission will be paid to you the 2nd following month of your sale, to ensure the customer hasn’t returned/refunded the product etc. In case of a product return/refund you will of course not be paid, as the sale has been returned/refunded.

Your commission payout will be done through bank transfer or PayPal.


  • Do I need to file my personal income with my Local Tax authorities?

As an independent Ambassador you’re not employed by ÉVIE ApS therefor you need to follow your country personal income tax rules. ÉVIE is not responsible for filing this to your country authorities; you are responsible to pay your correct taxes.


  • Are there different levels of Ambassadors?

There is only one ÉVIE Ambassador level.


  • How long time does the shipping take?

Usually, shipping takes between 2-7 days – depending on your location.


  • Are new pieces released frequently?

We strive to have new products in our collection 2 times a year or more.


  • How can I share my discount code?

You can share your discount code in your Network on your social media or if you host an event where you invite people to a location for the event or you can host an event online.
You see your personal discount code in your back office.


  • How much commission can I earn?

You earn 20% commission on each sale. There is no limit on the sales – you can do as many sales as you want. The more you work (posting your discount code and showing our products etc. in your Network) the more money you will earn. If you wish, you can even be a Brand Ambassador full-time.


  • How are sales attributed to me?

Once your customer checks out online and the person will use your personal discount code - the sale will lead to you.


  • What if I need to change some of my personal information in the back office?

Once you have signed up with all your information you can only change your information if you email us directly at contact@eviestore.com and describe your issue in the email and what needs to be changed. We will do this in the system, and as soon as possible.


  • How do I give you my bank account/PayPal info for my commission payment?

You need to email us with your bank information so we can transfer the commission correctly to you. We will then store the information securely to future payouts.


  • What if I need support? Who do I contact?

You can always contact us through email at contact@eviestore.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


  • Where can I ask questions about the ÉVIE Ambassador opportunity?

Please email us at contact@eviestore.com if you have any inquiries about the Brand Ambassador program.