Learn about ÉVIE and the products


ÉVIE is an affordable high-end quality bag brand founded in 2021. We are Scandinavian based in Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen. 

Our designs are inspired by contemporary and classic trends; they are understated luxury pieces for the independent and sophisticated individual. 

The bags are made for everyday use and the modern lifestyle and in the collections, you will find a selection of classic and new seasonal colour trends. 

All products are produced in high-quality leather with metal hardware details and each item undergoes strict quality control before it reaches its new owner. 




ÉVIE is founded by two women, Katrine Skielboe and Christina Juel-Berg, who both have a lifelong passion for luxury bags and extensive backgrounds within the fashion industry. 

The idea came to us after many years of searching for affordable luxury handbags in simple designs, high-quality in real leather with good quality hardware details. We were looking for small and medium bags without dividers and we needed stylish shoppers/work bags with good functionalities – handles that can cope with multiple items without breaking and are wide enough for computers, for example. 

Most high-quality bag brands on the market are +2500 Euro, which is out of most people's price range. Lower-priced bags are generally made from low-quality materials, which do not last or break easily. 

We were unable to find any bags that reflected our minimalistic style as well, as too many were heavily logoed or with too many details. 

Seeing a gap in the market we created ÉVIE. We wanted to create a brand of high-quality with 100% real leather, and timeless chic designs, in seasonal colours at affordable prices. 

The name ÉVIE means “life” and is a combination of Latin, Hebrew and Norman origin. 

Our life is in our bag and bags should be beautiful and smart, but also practical with good functionality, so it is easy to wear the whole day. ÉVIE is an understated luxury bag brand that does not compromise the quality and the price. 

Katrine & Christina




ÉVIE products are made with carefully selected materials and are handmade in small batches. 

The collections are classic and timeless - they are not just designed for one season. 

Our designs are made for everyday use and the modern lifestyle. Use your ÉVIE bag if you are going to work, shopping, or going out in the evening. 

We do not compromise on quality, which is why all our materials are sourced by us, with our trusted suppliers. We produce all our bags in high-quality leather and all our hardware is in a heavy metal material. It has been plated and processed multiple times to get the right colour. 

Working with the best quality material in the market is the most important for us, which is why we 100% stand by our products. We proudly provide our customers completely luxurious feeling, right from choosing your bag to delivery and daily use.




ELLE handbag: 

Outside: 100% Lambskin leather (or metallic colour: 100% Goatskin leather)

Inside: 100% Lambskin leather 

Vintage metal hardware details 


NOMA handbag: 

Outside: 100% Cowskin suede 

Inside: 100% Lambskin suede 

Vintage metal hardware details 


EVELYN handbag: 

Outside: 100% Box calfskin leather combined with 100% Cowskin suede or with 100% Patent cowskin leather 

Inside: 100% Lambskin suede 

Vintage metal hardware details 


IVY tote bag: 

Outside: 100% Nappa cowskin leather or 100% Cowskin suede or 100% Patent cowskin leather 

Inside: 100% Canvas 

Vintage metal hardware details




Lambskin leather: 

Lambskin is the most lightweight an delicate skin in the ÉVIE collection. It's made from the hide of young sheep (lambs). The texture is finely grained and the leather is known for its very smooth and soft texture. Lambskin is the most fragile as scratches and stains will easier show on this type of leather compared to other leather types which tend to be much stronger. Mostly lambskin is used for high-end items and by the most exclusive fashion brands such as Chanel, Valentino and Dior. 


Goatskin leather: 

Goatskin is much stronger than lambskin leather but less strong compared to cowskin. The quality is still more lightweight than cowskin leather, but heavier than lambskin. Goatskin has a tight grainy texture, resembling ridges that are distinctive to this type of leather. The natural properties of goatskin enable it to not only be soft and supple but also water-resistant. 


Calfskin leather: 

We use a special type of leather taken from the calf, called Box calfskin which we use for some of our handbags as it gives a more smooth look compared to other cowskin/calfskin types. Box calfskin has a pliable feel, it is firm in consistency. Its grain side is embossed with an extraordinarily fine grain pattern that makes a very smooth look. Calfskin is normally softer on the outside as it has fine grains and great durability. Popular handbags from Dior are made in this same Box calfskin quality - the same as we use. 


Patent cowskin leather: 

The patent leather we use is coated cowskin leather finished with chemicals that give it a shiny, reflective surface. This finish makes patent leather one of the most waterproof leathers available. Patent cowskin is very strong in its leather quality. 


Nappa leather: 

Nappa leather is top-quality leather that undergoes a unique tanning process and is softer and more pliable than most hides. The nappa we use is a prime cut of cowhide, and it is more expensive than most types of leather. The look of this finish is soft and smooth. It is usually made from full-grain leather, which makes it one of the highest-quality leather. The term “Nappa” refers to a specific subtype of leather that is soft, smooth, and premium quality. Nappa leather is comparatively a lot easier to maintain than the other types of leather because the surface is so smooth that the stains don’t stick around easily hence making the surface easier to clean. Nappa leather is used in high-end products because of its luxurious and premium quality.


Lambskin and cowskin suede: 

Suedes are lambskin and cowskin hides that have undergone the sueding process. It’s the outward processed, uncoated back of a smooth leather from lamb or cowhide that is called suede. Lambskin suede is highly prized for its very soft feel and flexibility. Cowskin is a bit rougher, thicker and heavier in material compared to lambskin suede but it still has a soft feeling. 


Metal hardware: 

Our metal hardware is specially designed and developed by ÉVIE. We use real gold plating for our vintage gold products. The chains and other parts are made of either cobber or iron and after getting the correct shape it's then washed and coated multiple times to get the right colour for vintage gold/silver.